About us - Kala Health

KALA means "health" in Hindi, "well" in Greek, and "the eternal circle of life" in Sanskrit

KALA Health is an international manufacturing and distribution company of nutraceutical health products. Kala Health was established in 1997 as a family business, with offices in Europe (the Netherlands) and the USA. From the beginning these two have worked together as sister companies with as mutual goal, to develop and manufacture food supplements that meet the following standards:

  1. Branded ingredients of premium quality, manufactured in Europe or the USA;
  2. Scientific evidence of the efficacy of all the ingredients we use
  3. Unmatched price / quality relationship

How do we meet these standards?

  1. For the development of our products we rely on a support team of outstanding, international scientists.
  2. We purchase all raw materials directly from renowned manufacturers in Europe and the United States, working according to the most stringent guidelines. We do NOT purchase ingredients of questionable quality in cheap, (mostly) Asian countries. Without exception all our ingredients are of premium quality and sold as Branded Ingredient. This implies, Certificates are available that guarantee both quality and manufacturer. 
  3. We regularly have our ingredients tested by independent laboratory.
  4. We ship all raw materials directly to contract manufacturers in Europe and the United States, where they are further processed into tablets, capsules, powders and cosmetics.
  5. We supply our customers directly with our finished products. 

Our goal is, to manufacture 'THE HIGHEST QUALITY FOOD SUPPLEMENTS FOR THE LOWEST PRICE', and we make that happen!

We are fully transparent in managing and sharing the entire traject of product development, raw material purchase and the manufacture of finished products. This entire traject is controlled by stringent legislation of authorities in Europe and the USA, ans guaranteed by Certificates of Analysis that we are happy to share.