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OptiMSM®: The purest form of MSM

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a small molecule with an enormous importance for the body. The chemical formula of MSM is CH3SO2CH3. It is a small and light molecule with a molecular weight of 94, which makes MSM well absorbed by the body. MSM is a natural and biological active source of sulphur for all living organism. Fruits, vegetables and milk of meadow grazing cows are rich sources of MSM. It is an inodorous white powder that dissolves well in warm water and in a great number of organic solvents.

For more than fifty years MSM has been studied by scientist all over the world. The research started in the sixties of last century by professor Stanley W. Jacob M.D. of the Oregon Health Sciences University. Dr Jacob laid down his experiences in several books: “The Miracle of MSM, the Natural Solution for Pain”(1999) and “MSM, the definite guide” (2003).

OptiMSM® is the purest MSM available, manufactured by Bergstrom Nutrition in the USA. OptiMSM® is the only MSM in the world purified by multiple distillation. OptiMSM® also is the only MSM backed up by published, peer-reviewed research. OptiMSM® is the only MSM in the world manufactured according to the world wide patents of Robert J. Herschler. 

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