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Vegetarian capsules with natural minerals and trace elements

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Mineralmix™ Vegan is a rich and complete natural source of minerals and trace elements*. Mineral Gard™ can therefore be an important addition to the diet of companion animals. This applies to both animals that mainly receive dry feed, and animals that are on BARF.

What makes Mineralmix™ unique is the use of natural ingredients, such as Aquamin®Mg seawater concentrate and Aquamin®F sea weed. These raw materials all provide more than 70 minerals and trace elements that occur in nature. Your companion animal receives these nutrients in the right forms and the right proportions. This is important because usually no more than a dozen of the most well-known minerals are added to commercial animal feeds. Animals on a one-sided diet (either dry food or BARF) therefore run a considerable risk of deficiencies in minerals and (especially) trace elements.

 seawater concentrate is extracted from the Atlantic Ocean. It contains all more than 70 minerals and trace elements that occur in nature, and is particularly rich in magnesium. Most of these mineral elements occur in the natural ion form. This makes Aquamin Mg a powerful and natural supplement to the daily diet, to optimize the total bio-electrical system.

Aquamin® F
 is extracted from the Atlantic Ocean, and consists of the red algae (also called sea weed) Lithothamnium calcareum. Due to the high (33%) content of calcium, lithothamnium is good for normal acidity in the stomach and ensures a good acid-base balance. In addition, it is good for calcium metabolism and the maintenance of strong bones. Extremely suitable for pets with an increased calcium requirement, such as during growth, the transition, and for seniors.

Almost all minerals and trace elements that occur in nature can also be found in the body of humans and animals. They fulfill important functions there. It is therefore worrying to note that almost all processed foods are deficient in these important nutrients.

Minerals and trace elements fulfill three important functions in the body:

  • They are building blocks for bones and other body tissues
  • They allow the nervous system to control the body with electrical impulses;
  • They are involved in almost all enzymatic reactions in the body. Magnesium and zinc, for example, are known to be involved as so-called co-enzymes in hundreds of different metabolic processes.

It is therefore not difficult to see that deficiencies in minerals and trace elements can contribute to a wide variety of health problems.

* A trace element is a mineral that is only needed in very small quantities.

Mineralmix™ can be easily combined with other products and nutritional supplements.



Added per Capsule  
    Min %RI*
Mineral Concentrate   600 mg   
Magnesium    113 mg 30,3 
Calcium   94 mg 11,8 
Sodium   1,6 mcg -
Chloride    1,2 mg 0,2 
Iron   0,5 mg 3,6 
Manganes   0,2 mg 10 
Phosphorus   0,2 mg <0,1 
Potassium    0,1 mg <0,1 
Borium    0,1 mg
Other Minerals and Trace Elements   26,8 mg

* %RI = EU recommende Reference Intake for adult humans

Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsule)  



Recommended Dosage    
Cats and small Dogs (< 10 kg): 1 capsule/day                                                           
Medium sized Dogs (10-20 kg): 2 capsules/day  
Large Dogs (20-30 kg): 3 capsules/day  
Very large Dogs  (30-45 kg): 4 capsules/day  

Use daily for optimum result. Use as long as needed. Give the capsules as a treat, or open and mix the content with the feed. 

Ingredient composition: Algae Concentrate, Ocean Water concentrate, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsules).

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 27%, crude oils and fat 9%, crude fibres 3%, crude ash 10%.

Mineralmix™ Vegan is a supplementary feed for dogs and cats (contains Minerals and Trace Elements).

Storage: Store in a dark, dry place at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children. 

Obligatory statement: A dietary supplement cannot be considered a replacement for a well-balanced meal. 


Minerals and trace elements

Remarkably, in the entire animal kingdom (including man) the mineral composition of the blood greatly resembles the mineral compositionj of ocean water. Evolutionary biologists see this as a supportive indication, the ealiests life forms developed long ago in the oceans. 

Ocean water contains more than 70 minerals and trace elements, most of which we hardly know what their biological effect in the body may be. Manufacturers of commercial animal feeds usually add no more than a dozen of the best known minerals. Animals that fed a more or less one-sided diet (dry or canned food, or BARF) run considerable risk on shortage on minerals an (in particular) trace elements. 

Adding vegetables to commercial feed does not entirely solve this problem: research shows due to modern agriculture the amounts of mineral in the vegetables in the USA went down with a factor 5 during the last century:

Image:  The average mineral content inselected vegetables in the USA during last century. Shown are the averages of calcium, magnesium and iron in vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and spinach. (Bergner 1997: The Healing Power of Minerals.)  

Figure below shows the interactions between minerals and trace elements. This figure makes clear why it is not a good idea to enrich commerical feeds with a limited number of minerals in relatively high concentrations, as they may strongly influence the absorption and excretion of the other minerals and trace elements.  

Figure: Interactions between minerals and trace elements. The solid lines indicate that one mineral alters the absorption, metabolism, or excretion of the other. (Bergner 1997: The Healing Power of Minerals).

Mineral Gard  contains Aquamin®Mg and Aquamin®F, a rich source of all more than 70 minerals and trace elements found in ocean water. These minerals are easily absorbed and offer a complete, natural and healthy supplementation to any commercial feed given to our companion animals.